Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tips and How To Eliminate Acne Scars

Tips and How To Eliminate Acne Scars - dusty and smoky environment makes our skin is dirty and greasy so fast that many would like to know the tips and how to get rid of acne scars. The tips given by my friends that shared the results of their Google blog to get rid of acne scars.
There are some tips and ways to eliminate acne scars depends on the suitability and material used if you have sensitive skin or some please consult with an expert.
1. How to Remove Acne Scars With Tomato:Make the tomato as a remedy to get rid of acne scars is not too difficult. Sliced ​​tomato and paste on acne scars. This simple technique is quite effective to get rid of your acne scars.
2. How to Remove Acne Scars With Olive Oil:Use olive oil as a natural remedy is indeed nice to get rid of acne scars. Gently massage your face with olive oil, especially in areas where acne scars. Put on a regular basis so Békés because apart from being able to get rid of acne scars can also shrink the scar.
3. How to Remove Acne Scars With Cucumber Juice:Cucumber juice is a natural skin toner which can improve skin texture. Cucumbers can reduce inflammation, soften skin and heal wounds caused by acne.
4. How to Remove Acne Scars With Egg Whites:Egg whites effective enough to solve the problem of acne. Apply egg white on the pimples and leave overnight so that your acne subsides. To get rid of acne scars, you can mix the egg white and honey. Mix well and apply on your acne scars.
5. How to Remove Acne Scars With Turmeric:One of the properties is reduced scarring acne.
6. How to Remove Acne Scars With Aloe Vera:Aloe vera too many properties, including to get rid of acne scars. Apply mucus inside of aloe to the acne scars regularly.
7. How to Remove Acne Scars With Lemon Essence:Apply lemon death on acne scars and leave 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water. Lemon has a content that can lighten the skin and remove dead skin cells and make the skin more elastic.
8. How to Remove Acne Scars With Honey:Honey is a natural moisturizer. Make honey mask facial skin becomes more bright and shining. Prepare honey to taste, then apply on the acne scars. Let stand for 15 minutes while gently massaged. After that, rinse with clean water. Make sure you use honey, not a counterfeit.
9. How to Remove Acne Scars Using Sengkuang:Water content in sengkuang able to lift dead skin cells. If used regularly, acne scars will disappear little by little.
10. How to Remove Acne Scars With Lime:Lime juice contains vitamin C (citric acid) that can cleanse the dead skin cells on the face and clean the face of excess oil. To get rid of acne scars, take the lime juice and marinate with some rose petals into a bowl filled with water. Ramas. After that, squeeze a lime into the water. Mix well and apply on the face. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with cold water.
11. How to Remove Acne Scars With Tea Dregs:Tea dregs also able to eliminate acne scars. The paste tailings to the acne scars.
12. How to Remove Acne Scars With Onion:Benefits quite a lot of red onions, include removing acne scars. Download onion to taste, finely grind and rub it into the area part of your acne scars.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cause of high blood

- Family history of hypertension
- obesity
- Salt intake and excessive alcohol
- smoking
- Extreme pressure

- Diastolic pressure above 90 mmHg
- Swelling of the ankles or fingers
- Breathless
- Blurred view
- Bleeding from the nose, repeated
- Continuous headache
- Dizziness

- Foods that are high in fat and salt
- Food and medicines are high in sodium
- Substances that can raise blood pressure
- Smoking
- Aperitif
- Lack of exercise
- Concerns

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips to Reduce Fat Intake

Tips to Reduce Fat Intake - Fat provides energy and helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. However, it can affect people's health if taken in excess. Fats are divided into two types, namely Saturated Fat and Saturated Fat.

Saturated Fat - A type of fat that will be frozen and hard at room temperature. Foods rich in saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol levels. eg fatty meat, chicken skin, milk, cheese, cream, ghee and cream.

Monounsaturated fats - A type of fat that is soft and melts at a lower temperature. These fats do not raise cholesterol in the blood. 2 type of unsaturated fat is fat Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fat.

Fat Effect On Health
Excessive intake of saturated fats can cause:
- Overweight.
- Increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.
- Increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

Tips to Reduce Fat Intake
- Reduce your intake of oily and fried foods.
- Use cooking oil in a little kuantitit in cooking. Choose oil-based vegetable.
- Reduce the use of coconut milk. Substitute with low-fat milk.
- Select the portion of lean meat or chicken and discard fat before cooking.
- Limit the use of fats such as margarine, butter, salad oil, mayonnaise and cream.
- Choose healthier cooking methods such as baking, boiling, steaming or grilling instead of frying.
- Absorb excess oil with absorbent paper.

Monday, February 16, 2015

5 Foods Improve Sperm Quality

5 Foods Improve Sperm Quality - For men who are trying to weigh the eye or increase the number of family members may be able to practice these food sources that help improve sperm quality. These include food sources that help male fertility and sperm quality are essential for the production of offspring.

1. Help - bananas are very effective in increasing sperm count. Bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme that is also found in pineapple (especially in the central part of the fruit). Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory enzymes that can help increase the production of testosterone (male sex hormone). Bananas are also rich in vitamin B1, A and C are important in a good sperm production.

2. Dark Brown - Brown certainly has many health benefits to the body. Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid acids needed by the body in the production of sperm. Chocolate can improve sperm count and semen volume.

3. Garlic - Garlic contains oxide synthase (NOS), which is a substance that plays an important role in erection. Garlic also contains selenium and vitamin B6 are important in the production of healthy sperm.

4. Pomegranate - Pomegranate contains antioxidants that can fight malondialdehyde (MDA), a chemical in the blood vessels which can kill sperm cells. Malondialdehyde is also found in semen, which showed low sperm quality.

5. Meat - Meat contains iron, which helps prevent free radicals from forming part of the sperm that will reduce the quality. It also helps testosterone converted to estrogen which will result in less libido.

Hair Damaged Causes

Hair Damaged Causes - Hair healthy and confident stage affect your character. Therefore make sure you do not do things that can cause hair damage. Here is the source of damaged hair you should avoid and reduce.

1. The process of bleaching, permanent or semi-permanent coloring, perming or straightening hair - This process causes damage to the hair cuticles bring the structure into the ground. Moreover dandruff also easily arise.

2. The hot weather - It also factors damaged hair because ultraviolet radiation removes hair protein thereby damaging the hair cuticles.

3. Brushing your hair too strong and frequent - This action can cause injury to the scalp, hair loss and dandruff. Avoid using a hair tie rubber band hair because it can menyebabka break.

4. Wash the hair is not perfect - washed hair is not perfect, especially after swimming damaging the hair when there is still salt and chlorine attached to the hair.

5. Too frequent or less washing hair - hair will lose moisture and become dry. Less washing hair also makes hair greasy and happy autumn.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

14 Good Nutrition for Fitness

14 Good Nutrition for Fitness - Having a beautiful body shape and attract not only depend on the exercise and sports nutrition you are doing but also need to be emphasized.

Among the foods that have a lot of benefits to the body is:

1. Olive Oil
- Good olive oil is used to replace oil in cooking. Olive oil contains healthy fats (good fats / HDL) that are useful to provide a feeling of fullness and avoid strong appetite. In addition, it is also helpful sebagaiantikeradangan and antioxidants that are good for the body.

2. Cheese
- The cheese comes from milk can help you lose weight if taken regularly and not excessive. Contained in the cheese milk contains linoleic acid, which helps burn fat.

3. Apples
- Apples are among the fruits that are high in fiber around four to five grams per seed. Various types of apples that are around us. Therefore, choose apples that contain a lot of fiber and water, which gives a feeling of satiety as well as antioxidants to maintain metabolic stability.

4. Tomato
- Every time you chew your food, your body will automatically menlepaskan hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), which serves to tighten the stomach pouch and the intestine so feel full sooner. Tomatoes contain oligofruktos of fiber that can maintain a body of CCK hormone in your stomach and compound lycopene, which can protect the skin from burning by the sun and reduce the risk of cancer.

5. vinegar
- Vinegar is also often used as a flavoring in cooking or food supplements. It can give you a sense of satisfaction and fullness, but you can not take it too far and need to follow the prescribed rate.

6. Salmon
- Salmon is good for health and diet because they contain many vitamins and low in fat to maintain a healthy heart and shrink the waist or abdomen. Omega-3 fats have on salmon can improve insulin which helps the development of muscle and lose fat stomach is divided.

7. Yogurt
- Yogurt can be used as a perfect diet food because it contains carbohydrates, protein and fat that helps reduce hunger and help control blood sugar to normal levels.

8. Badam
- Almonds are a great snack that can provide a feeling of fullness and helps keep blood sugar levels stable.

9. Fruit Pears
- Pears have a total of about 5.5 grams of fiber, depending on the size of the fruit. consumption of this fruit makes you feel full for a long time. better if mixed with salad or dessert after dinner.

10. Cinnamon
- Cinnamon is a spice group has many benefits for health. Taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can help regulate blood sugar and insulin control and prevent the body to store fat.

11. The black beans
- Beans are a good food to prevent obesity because it contains the ideal combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrate fat burners.

12. Coffee
- Intake of caffeine according to prescribed rate will help burn fat in the body. Caffeine in coffee can increase the body's metabolic rate so you lose weight. The effects of caffeine can last up to four hours and burn calories by 30-50kcal day.

13. eggs
- Eggs can help you lose weight because it contains a lot of protein and low in calories. Taking the egg makes our stomach feel full within a few hours.

14. Garlic
- Food that comes with garlic can help control obesity. Taste and strong aroma of garlic makes food tastier and feeling full quickly.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tips Care and Foot Care at Home

Tips Care and Foot Care at Home - the majority of women are so sensitive treat many faces but do not take care of heavy legs. The consequences of this neglect, many women suffer from foot problems berkematu, rough skin and cracked heel.

In addition to the lackadaisical attitude, women may also lack the budget to do foot spa treatment. understand your financial constraints, we share the care and foot care tips that you can do yourself at home.

step Treatment

1. Wash the feet using a special cleaner, make sure you wash your fingers properly so that dirt and foot odor disappears. then soak the foot in warm water mixed with aromatic oil for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Then use a scrub to rub away, scrub removes dead skin cells and makes skin smoother feet.

3. Apply a special mask in the leg, let it dry for about 10 minutes.

4. Then wipe the feet dry with paper towels until soft.

5. Then, apply lotion to the skin of the feet are moist and tender.

6. For those of you who wear closed shoes, apply special powder ani bacteria on foot to make the skin dry feet. This powder can also eliminate unpleasant smells.

7. When you sleep at night, you can also bolstering special socks that can relieve the pressure on the foot and helps blood flow.

Tips relaxing walk.

- Soak feet for 15-30 minutes in warm water mixed with rock salt, dead sea salt or kosher salt. The soaking water will make you more relaxed and remove toxins and eliminate foot odor.

- When you go to bed, sandals with bolsters. This position can rest your feet and the blood circulation.